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Börsen Radio Network from July 31, 2023

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: We expect good results in Q3 and Q4 2023.

 Börsen Radio Network from May 03, 2023

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: UniDevice with 40% sales growth in Q1 2023

Börsen Radio Network from January 31, 2023

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: UniDevice with record year 2022

Börse Online, January 25, 2023: UniDevice – dividend speculation

Despite new records in sales and earnings – the old

stock high is more than 100% higher.

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Börsen Radio Network from December 19, 2022

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: 2022 will be the best year in the company’s history – no question about it

Nebenwerte Journal from November 30, 2022

Nearly 10% return and valuation below book value

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Börsen Radio Network from October 24, 2022

UniDevice – CEO Pahl:
UniDevice on course for a record after nine months in 2022.

Börsen Radio Network from August 15, 2022

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: In July 2022, a record monthly turnover of over EUR 56 million, which is an increase of +68% compared to the same month last year.

Nebenwerte Journal from December 02, 2021

The Unidevice AG share was hit hard after the change in

profit forecast on Sept 9th 2021. The share price decreased from EUR 2.00

to EUR 1.63. The company is still profitable and the dividend outlook remains unchanged,

this provides a good opportunity.

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Börsen Radio Network from October 29, 2021

UniDevice – CEO Pahl:

The shareholders should know how the situation is: namely, hardly assessable for November and December. November is extremely important with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. “We now have to reduce our forecast significantly.” But there is improvement in sight: “I have no doubt that we will be able to handle the goods well again in the first half of 2022.”

Focus Business Spezial, Wachstumschampions, October 2021

UniDevice AG is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany according to a survey by FOCUS in cooperation with STATISTA.

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Anleger Plus, SdK, September 2021

Smartphone broker with perspective, favorable valued

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Börsen Radio Network from May 21, 2021

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: “71% dividend growth to 12 Cent per share – Annual General Meeting on June 28, 2021.”

Börsen Radio Network from April 14, 2021

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: “34% profit growth in Q1 2021.”

Börsen Radio Network from January 21, 2021

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: “I propose a dividend of 12 Cents.”


PLATOW Börse from December 11, 2020: UniDevice – Cheap dividend pearl

The CEO has a built a solid company in our eyes

that generates double-digit growth,

has a return on equity of 20% and

comes to a favorable 2021 P/E of 8.

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Börsen Radio Network from December 02, 2020

UniDevice Q4 2020 – CEO Pahl: “Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday were heavy. The new iPhone was launched and “Homeoffice” and “Stay-at-Home” were the drivers for iPad sales.”


Börsen Radio Network from October 07, 2020

UniDevice Q4 2020 – CEO Pahl: “

This year we have essentially achieved what we wanted to achieve … we have succeeded in achieving sales growth with disproportionately margin growth . With the introduction of the new iPhones as well as Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday, Q4 will likely be the quarter with the highest sales of the year: We expect exceptionally good business for Q4.“

Börsen Radio Network from March 02, 2020

UniDevice Record 2019 – CEO Pahl: “Due to high demand for iPhones premium prices achieved in January and February 2020!”

Börsen Radio Network from November 26, 2019

UniDevice – CEO Pahl: “The Bond is a turbocharger for the Share”

Bond Magazine from October 29, 2019

ALTERNATIVE FIXED INCOME  – Dividend yield of 5.2% per year expected.

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Börsen Radio Network from October 17, 2019

UniDevice delivers successful Q3 – CEO Pahl: „ The smartphones are the most important product that I know. Everyone wants to have one … We are still growing.“

Börsen Radio Network from July 22, 2019

UniDevice raises forecast – CEO Pahl on market position: “I do not see anybody who like us is a broker”

Börse Online from May 29, 2019: Best of m:access I.2019

The company started in 2009 and increases
year by year sales with electronic
devices. (Price target: 2.35 €)

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Börsen Radio Network from May 7, 2019

UniDevice AG CEO Dr. Christian Pahl: What we like best is the growth with wearables, so smartwatches.

In the first quarter of 2019, UniDevice saw strong growth and even the forecast for 2019 was revised upwards.

  Börsen Radio Network from April 29, 2019 UniDevice AG CEO Dr. Christian Pahl: UniDevice is a broker focused on smart devices such as smartphones or weareables. Quarterly sales increased by 42% to EUR 101 million. Quarterly operating profit increased by 131% to EUR 0.92 million.   Link to the interview  


Prior Börse from March 20, 2019

Smart business with smartphones

With UniDevice, there is the possibility to invest at an early stage into a growth story.

The Berlin based brokers trade on a large scale with smartphones and wearables. They profit from price differences in different countries. Sales in January and February were more than 40% above the previous year period. Therefore, appears also the official company forecast very conservative. At the current price of 1.52 EUR, the market value is only EUR 23 million. On this basis, there is a P / E of 13. Cheap in view of the high growth. On the view of the next few months the stock price has 50% potential.


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Prior Börse from March 19, 2019

Prior Börse: UniDevice – Potential?


Nebenwerte Journal from March 07, 2019

The 5G turbo effect

In NJ 6/18 we called the stock of the electronics broker Unidevice from Schoenefeld, founded in 2014, an interesting depot admixture.

The sales increase expected by us at that time of € 300 million has, according to preliminary figures presented in mid-February, even more been surpassed: the sales in 2018 are up € 317 (225) million – a respectable growth of 38%. EBIT increased disproportionately high by 75% to € 1.98 (1.13) million and corresponded to an EBIT margin of 0.62 (0.49)%. In the medium term, Unidevice targets 0.8%. The profit has almost doubled.

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Handelszeitung – Stocks Digital Newletter from February 12, 2018

Value investing: UniDevice is making big leaps. A new management trims the broker for mobile phones to rapid growth.

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Handelszeitung – Stocks Digital Newletter from December 14, 2018

Not only manufacturers like Apple are making money on the smartphone boom. There are also secret winners who benefit from the rising sales figures.

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Börsen Radio Network from December 12, 2018
UniDevice AG CEO Dr. Christian Pahl: ” One pallet of smartphones can already make over 1 million euros!”

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Smart Investor, 12/2018 Page 53, from November 22, 2018
Debut with light and shadow

Light and shadow – Stock market life of UniDevice AG has been a lot happier so far. Compared to the first quotation on 6th March could the small cap even slightly gain in the course despite an adverse stock market environment.

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